Anime Review: “Fullmetal Alchemist”

Prepare to plunge into the world of Japanese animation This particular anime, with a deep, winding plot and lovable characters, has the power to engage almost any mature audience looking for action.

Fullmetal Alchemist is a Sci-fi adventure series that begins in the desolate countryside where Brothers Edward and Alphonse Elric call home. They live a cheerful life with their parents, and are very gifted. The two had many hobbies, but took a particular liking to alchemy, the ability to transmute any object into another. The siblings hit the books and learned all they could about the topic, improving at it every day. However, one day, they woke up to a fight between their parents and witnessed their father leave and never return.

From that day forward, Edward and Alphonse still continued to grow in knowledge of alchemy, but always inquired their mother where their dad disappeared to and when he would come back. She always reassured them that the time would be soon.

Then, another unfortunate event hit the Elrics: Their mother perished from a disease.

The brothers, who were now all alone aside from their neighbors who watched over them, could not stop mourning. The only solution in their eyes was the impossible: resurrect their mother through advanced alchemy. However, this would be breaking the eternal law of any alchemic event: “In order to create something new, something of equal value must be sacrificed”. What would be equal for the price of a human soul?

Despite Alphonse’s doubts, Edward insisted that they continue with the project no matter what. When they did that, the final unlucky event occurred: For breaking the Alchemy law, Edward lost his arm and his leg, and as for his brother, lost his whole entire body, making his soul bind to an old hollow set of armor.

With Edward on the brink of death, his saving grace was his neighbor, Winry, who was an Auto mail mechanic. She built him artificial limbs to replace his lost ones.

Thereafter, the siblings had a new goal in mind: get their bodies back. To do this, they would have to pursue a legendary artifact that allegedly has the power to perform alchemy without any limit, not even the equal sacrifice law: The philosopher’s stone. But with the whole alchemy community looking for it also, no one said it would be easy.

If you want a good story with a hint of mystery and tons of action, this is a show for you.