Batman v Superman Review

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was one of the most awaited movies of the year. Fans were promised an amazing, action-packed movie featuring the ultimate fight- and who would win. Although the movie partially delivered on that promise, most of the movie was slow-paced, the plot was confusing and hard to understand, and the battle only lasted for about 10 minutes in this two-and-a-half hour movie. Many people were disappointed by this, but the movie’s acting and special effects were great and made the movie at least a little more interesting.

The plot people were expecting was simple: a conflict between two of the most famous superheroes in history, then a fight to see who is truly the best. What the movie actually brought us was unrelated stories about Batman and Superman, then near the end, an unpredictable, boring reason for the two to fight, which was never brought up earlier in the movie. When the “Batman v Superman” part actually started, it was very, very short and led up to both of them going against what seemed to be the true villain at the time. For a movie that was named after this event, it should have been about it and not just have a surprise enemy at the end.  There were also many unresolved storylines and useless scenes, and it was obvious that this movie was just meant to be setup for the Justice League.

Not everything about this movie was disappointing, though.  The special effects in the movie were some of the best I’ve seen in a long time. They made the action scenes look a lot better. The acting was pretty good, too.

This is also DC’s first movie in its extended universe. While this movie has shown me that they are perfectly capable of handling the special effects and acting, I’m a bit worried about what the plot will be like in the rest of the movies. I’m convinced that it will be handled better next time, since this was probably only meant to be setup, and not really its own movie.

Overall, Batman v Superman is only worth watching if you are a really dedicated fan of DC or superheroes.