Halo 5 – The Story Behind It

The newest game in the HALO series takes place in the year 2558 and Fireteam Osiris lead by Spartan Locke has been ordered to hunt down Blue team lead by the Spartan program’s highly elite leader, Master Chief. After the destruction of the Didact eight months ago, Blue team has gone AWOL to find forerunner alien technology that will save the Chief’s AI friend Crotona who sacrificed herself to save Master Chief. As the rogue Spartans head off to find Cortona, others Fireteam learns that if alien tech is used to bring her back to life, she will become unpredictable and untrustworthy. After Master Chief finally finds Cortona and brings her back to life. As many predicted, she was no longer a peaceful AI (artificial intelligence), but had a destructive nature. While Cortona becomes even stronger and AI’s across the galaxy swear allegiance to her, Blue and Fireteam arrive and find that only one AI is not under Cortona’s control. AI Roland slipspaces both teams out of the warzone as they configure a battle strategy.