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Coloring Outside the Lines

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Malika McKenney, this year’s Vice President of the National Junior Honors Society, as well as a current 8th grade writer at the CGPA Times, is now diving into the world of publishing through an adult coloring book dubbed Coloring Outside the Lines which was released mid September of this year. Malika McKenney, now professionally known as Malika  Anjali, has told the CGPA Times of her hopes for the book and what she’s all about.

She informed us that the spark of imagination that brought the coloring book to life initially came from her receiving an adult coloring book from her grandparents. “They got me it [because] I’m really into drawing… It made me want to learn how to draw [that way] and how to make designs like that,” she added when asked about the origins of her idea for the book.

The form of art primarily used in Coloring Outside the Lines is called “Zentangling” which is a fun and free flowing pattern put on a page to make a more whimsical final drawing. It was coloring books like that, and other drawings from different artists, that helped shape her sense of art “I was really into [the coloring book] for the first few days. Until I noticed something…” she revealed that she noticed that the patterns in the coloring book that was given to her were copied images set in different positions on the page. “Online, the author said that they drew all the designs by hand because they didn’t agree with computer designs…and that was really frustrating…” Her dad then told her to make her own book and she agreed, adding to us that every coloring book “has an identity’’and that drawing the designs by hand gives it authenticity.

“ There is perfection in the imperfections” the teen illustrator said when asked about the true theme of her piece “The point is the drawings are not perfect. The lines aren’t perfectly straight or perfectly clean, and I believe that [the designs being perfect] is not how it should be. Its not the message I’m trying to give off,” she added.

Overall, Coloring Outside the Lines is an insight to the wonders of your backyard and the elements of Miami, Florida. The whole project took our writer 2 months to create and now a seminar will take place at Books n’ Books as well as the Miami Book Fair to advertise  the adult coloring book made by the teen artist, Malika McKenney. The CGPA Times wishes her the best of luck!

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Coloring Outside the Lines