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Mrs. Sanchez: Still Part of the Team

by Samantha Correa, Staff Writer

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This 2016-2017 school year has introduced new recruits to our beloved CGPA faculty as well as seen the retirement of a long term and well respected teacher.  Mrs. Sanchez, an enthusiastic and very devoted teacher, who worked here at CGPA for 38 years decided to switch her role at the school from teaching to volunteering at the Upper Academy campus. Although her past students may deeply miss her energetic demeanor as a teacher, they’re glad to see her and her upbeat  attitude in the main office, ready to begin every day better than the last.

“She was a very helpful teacher; She gave a lot of homework! She was picky with what type of work we brought into her.  But even to this day, I thank her for all she did for me,” said a former student of hers and now current member of the CGPA Times, Gabriel Cedeño.  “Even though I was already in 6th grade and in Intensive Reading, she still helped me excel into the Advanced [program].”

According to Cedeño, he asked Mrs. Sanchez for advice and guidance while he was placed in Intensive Reading, and she offered to help him enrich his knowledge.  “Whenever I didn’t understand something, I knew I could go to her,” said Cedeño.  Mrs. Sanchez’s legacy of good-heartedness also goes back many years.

Another one of her students, James Correa, now a young adult, told CGPA Times that she was “a great and dedicated person and teacher” and “she was one of his favorite teachers growing up.”

Before coming to this school, Mrs. Sanchez was an ESOL teacher at Flamingo Elementary school in Hialeah, and not too long after that she joined our school, teaching 6th and then 5th grades. Mrs. Sanchez was asked about why she decided to volunteer after retiring and she simply replied as if the question was too easy to answer, “I love this place. I’m a very sociable person, so I just love doing this! There’s no place like CGPA!”

This diligent teacher and now volunteer is a major asset to our school— from encouraging her students, to pushing them to go from an intensive class course to an advanced one— Mrs. Sanchez has truly contributed only the best to CGPA and won’t be forgotten.

The CGPA Times is glad to have her still as part of the team!

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Mrs. Sanchez: Still Part of the Team