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A “Kick off” into the Holiday Season

Sophia Jarjour, Marisol Hernandez, Justin Rodriguez, Lucas Virgil, Bryan Hehir, Staff Writers & Editor in Chief

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On the 24th of November, all of CGPA’s 8th grade students gathered in Philips Park to compete in the Turkey Bowl, a flag football tournament that crowns only the best players.

A week before the event, an announcement over the loudspeaker requested all 8th graders to report to the cafeteria in order for Coach Padron to make selections for who would participate in the competition. All who were not interested were asked to go back to class, and the rest confirmed that they were interested. Boys and girls were split into their own teams and had a girls tournament and a boys tournament.  Teams were posted outside the wellness center.

The day that everyone was anticipating finally arrived, and spirits were high. On the boys’ side, the red team (Lucas Virgil) won the championship against the blue team (Bryan Hehir) who advanced to the final in a blowout fashion against Justin Rodriguez and his team. For the girls, the red team (Nicole Anillo) won the girls championship against the tie-dye team (Aiko Puerto) in a blowout. The final game consisted of the two winning teams being divided and they played each other. Jorge Morales’ team won this matchup. The possible MVP’s (Most Valuable Player) were Jorge Morales and Nicole Anillo.

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A “Kick off” into the Holiday Season