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Flag Football Team

Nicole Anillo, Rachelle Gomez, and Marisol Hernandez, Staff Writers

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Despite the fact that this was CGPA’s first ever Girls Varsity Flag Football team, they did amazing and showed qualities this year as the first team sports at CGPA, and for a team that was recently assembled for the first time, with barely had any time to practice; they showed remarkable sportsmanship and potential on the field.


The team played a total of five games, wining a total of two. Some games such as Kinloch and Carver were played “away” meaning they were played at the opponent’s field instead of their own, others such as Ponce and South Miami were played at “home” meaning the team played in the comfort of their own field.


Basic information:

  • 1st game Shenandoah: win 18-0
  • 2nd game Carver: loss 12-6
  • 3rd game Ponce: loss 38-6
  • 4th game South Miami: loss 21-0
  • 5th game Kinloch: win 7-0



There are numerous members that hold various positons; there were a total of 20 members including Coach Padron as the Coach himself and helper Gaby Diaz who assisted with various tasks. The captain of the Girls Varsity Flag Football was Nicole Anillo. Their main and most recognizable players that made a real impact on the field was their Quarter-Back Sarah Hernandez, running back Nicole Anillo, in defensive line Nina Montero, Marisol Hernandez, and Emma Bartlet as part of the mighty Mites. Also, their starter punter who was sadly injured in a game, Chase Bagnall-koger.

#1- Nina Montero

#2- Colleen Padron

#3- Emma Barlet

#4- Savannah Lingenfelser

#5Gaby Lopez

#6 Marie Delancar

#7 Sara Hernadez

#8- Chase Bagnall-Koger

#9- Kristen Sosa

#10- Marisol Hernandez

#11- Rachelle Gomez

#12- Aiko Puerto

#13- Isabella Garcia

#14- Nicole Anillo

#15 Chloe Casaudoumeq

#17- Halimah Pino

#18- Andrea Contreras

The best part of the Girls Varsity flag football team is the memories that are kept with the students, that will never be forgotten.


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Flag Football Team